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Membership / De los Miembros / Des Membres PDF Print E-mail
Any library, archive, organization or individual in any country that borders the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean sea is eligible for full membership of ACURIL. Institutions or individuals in other countries are eligible for associate membership. The Categories of membership are:

  • Institutional Membership
Libraries, archives and schools of library and information studies, archival or museum training.

  • Organizational Membership
National library associations; regional and other special organizations and associations.

  • Personal Membership
Regular : practicing information professionals;
Students : Persons who are enrolled in a course of study
Non salaried librarians: retired and unemployed persons
Honorary members : elected by the membership

  • Associate Members
Any institution, organization or individual resident outside of the Caribbean can become an associate member of ACURIL.





Tel.___________________ Fax________________

E-mail:__________________________ URL:_____________________________

I hereby request admission as a/
Solicito admision como miembro:

[ ] Regular (within Caribbean area/en area del Caribe)
[ ] Associate (Outside the Caribbean/Fuera del Caribe)


A. Institutional Members /Miembros institucionales

[ ] University library / Biblioteca universitaria
[ ] Public library / Biblioteca publica
[ ] National library / Biblioteca nacional
[ ] College library / Biblioteca de Colegio
[ ] Research Institute library / Biblioteca de instituto de investigacion
[ ] Special library / Biblioteca especializada
[ ] Government archive / Archivo de gobierno
[ ] Private archive / Archivo privado
[ ] Library or Archives School / Escuela de Bibliotecologia o Archivologia

A.1. Budget (Distribution) / Presupuesto (Distribucion)

1) Personnel / Personal $___________________

2) Printed material/ Recursos impresos $___________

3) Audio visual $______________


4) Electronic -technological /Electronico-tecnologico $___________

5) Maintenance /Mantenimiento $______________

Total $____________

A.2 Finances provided by / Presupuesto provisto por

[ ] Government / Gobierno
[ ] Educational institution / Institucion educativa
[ ] Private enterprise / Empresa privada

A.3 Person responsible for preparation and control of budget (name, position /Persona que prepara y administra el presupuesto (nombre y posicion)


  1. [ ] National library association / Asociacion nacional de bibliotecas

No. of members/Miembros ________

C. [ ] Regional library association / Asociacion regional de bibliotecas

No. of members/Miembros ________

[ ] Special library association / Asociacion de bibliotecas especializadas

No. of members/Miembros________

[ ] Other/Otras


No. of members/Miembros________

  1. Personal members / Miembros personales

[ ] Type of Personal member/Tipo de miembro personal

[ ] Professional (degree in Librarianship /Bibliotecario profesional (con grado en Bibliotecologia)

[ ] Non professional / Otro personal

[ ] Regular member / Miembro regular

[ ] Student members / Estudiante School name, address/

Escuela, direccion:______________________________________________


[ ] Non salaried member / Retirado o que no recibe sueldo

Name Printed/Nombre (en letra demolde)_________________________________


Position / Puesto que ocupa


Official Representative of the Member Institution/

Representante oficial de la institucion miembro:


Membership Dues
Cuotas de Miembros



  1. Institutions / Instituciones

Based on the operational budget of the institution
  • 0005 (Five ten thousands) of the operating budget to a maximum of US $150.00, with a minimum dues equal to the value of US$25.00. Dues for associate institutional members shall be calculated at one half the above rate with the sames minimum and maximum values.

En base al presupuesto operacional de la institucion.
  • US$5.00 por cada US$10,000.00 del presupuesto operacional hasta un maximo de US$150.00 y un minimo equivalente al valor de US $25.00. Las cuotas de los miembros institucionales asociados sera la mitad de la cuota aqui establecida, prevaleciendo el mismo valor minimo y maximo.

  1. Organization Members / Organizaciones Miembros

Dues shall be assessed at the rate of U.S. $0.20 per member of the organization. Dues of associate organization members shall be assessed at one half the above rate. The minimum dues shall be u.S. $25.00 in each case.

Las cuotas seran determinadas a razon de $0.20 U.S. por miembro de dicha organizacion. Las organizaciones miembros asociados pagaran la mitad de la cuota aqui establecida. La cuota minima en cada caso sera de $25.00 U.S.

C. Personal members / Miembros personales

1. Personal

  • Regular US$25.00
  • Associate/Asociado US$20.00

  1. Student / Estudiante


  • Regular US$10.00
  • Associate/Asociado US$7.00

  1. Non-salaried/Retirado, o que no recibe sueldo
  • Regular US$10.00
  • Associate/Asociado US$7.00

4.Honorary Life Members : exempted. /
Los Socios Honorarios-se excluyen del pago de cuotas.


For voting purposes, please review the Constitution and Bylaws, Art. II. Sec. 4, Rights and Privileges of Membership. The chief administrative officer of an institutional (or organization) member is the representative or delegate of the institution or organization.

If another staff member is designated as delegate, this person must present a letter stating such delegation, to the ACURIL Secretarita and/or registration officer of the conference, to be entitled to conference fees and other privilege. In addition, the institution/organization must be in good standing.

For clarification and/or additional information, please contact ACURIL’s Executive Secretary.

Para ejercer su derecho al voto, refierase a la Constitucion y Reglamento, Articulo II, Sec. 4, Derechos y Privilegios de los Miembros. El Director o Ejecutivo de la institucion u organizacion miembro es el delegado o representante oficial ante ACURIL.

Si ha habido cambios en la direccion debera notificarlos a la Secretaria de ACURIL para actualizar la lista. Si el Director va a delegar su representacion en otro companero de la institucion, debera notificarlos por escrito a la Secretaria de ACURIL y al inscribierse en la Conferencia para recibir sus derechos y beneficios. Recuerde que la institucion u organizacion debe estar al dia en sus cuotas.


Please send the application, with cheque or draft to/
Envie este formulario, con el cheque correspondiente, a:

ACURIL General Headquarters / Secretaría General
P. O. Box 23317, UPR Station, San Juan, PR 00931-3317

For information /m Para informacion :
Mrs. Oneida R. Ortiz, Executive Director
(787)790-8054  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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